Expert Technical Consulting and Management

Leverage decades of information technology (IT) experience on your next project with superior consulting from industry-leading experts. IT support covers a variety of IT-related services, including help desk support, staffing, security, network/server support and outsourcing.

Optimize Your Business Technology

No matter what your industry or business size, your business processes almost always rely on technology in one form or another. Whether you are upgrading an existing system, troubleshooting a pain point, or implementing brand new technology in your organization, our experienced technology consultants can help you find the perfect IT solution for your business.

We are trained to provide seamless support, integrating with your team as quickly as possible to reduce friction and keep your operations running smoothly. When providing help desk or server/network support, our trained personnel are knowledgeable about all tech trends and the latest security and compliance regulations specific to each industry.

Security and IT Support

Protect your sensitive data with expert IT support from a company with four decades of experience in tech safety and compliance. You can also secure Help Desk, Network/Server, and Outsourcing to the exact specifications you need. The way we see it, your business deserves our best to solve your toughest IT challenges. That’s why we are committed to providing trusted, reliable service to your business every single day.

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Project Planning and Project Support

We help you define your business needs and determine the time, hours, personnel, and equipment necessary to achieve your technology goals. And, our qualified team of IT experts can help you manage your projects on a temporary or long-term basis, ensuring quality control while eliminating the need to hire additional staff.

System Design

Our teams will design a system that works perfectly with your business and for your business – including unobtrusive hardware, intuitive software, advanced security, and the key systems required to integrate your technology and optimize your IT.

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Vendor Selection and Vendor Management

We have developed trusted relationships with industry-leading vendors, providing you peace-of-mind in the vendor selection process for each of your technology devices or IT projects. In other words, when you work with us, you only have to make one call – to BLM Technologies – and we’ll manage the vendors you work with, including warranties and maintenance requests.

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