Business Relocation and Office Setup Services

Dedicated, highly skilled personnel provide you with first-rate equipment installation and relocation services.

Expert Installation to Protect Your Investment

Ensure your equipment is protected from day one with expert installation from IT professionals. Proper installation increases the longevity of your equipment and gets your system up and running quickly and efficiently, with less chance for future downtime.

We will install:

  • Technology equipment and devices
  • Servers
  • Digital signage
  • Point-of-sale equipment and payment hardware
  • PC’s, printers, and other office equipment
  • Software such as new deployments of operating systems
  • Check scanners and receipt printers
  • And more…really, the list is long.

Our team of professionally trained FlexForce personnel are available for a variety of installation needs. We support your project from start to finish and guarantee our work upon completion.

Flexible & Affordable Moving & Relocation Services

Relocating your business is stressful enough without worrying about damage to expensive assets such as office hardware and other IT equipment. Or perhaps you don’t have the staff to accomplish your move quickly, so you can get back to the work that runs your business.

We provide you with unparalleled moving and relocation services that protect your investment and give you peace of mind. Our team of experts can assist you in important relocation services like breakdown, packing, shipment, storage, unpacking, and installation.

Let our team help you with the disconnect, move, and reconnect of your most complex equipment and devices.

Recent Installations

Need equipment installed? We can help with professional installers. And we will make sure it’s working before we’re done.

Here are some examples of recent installations we managed:

>2,400 EMV Card Reader devices in 1,640 locations, 695 cities across 22 states.

>3,000 Printers in 2,100 locations across 7 states.

Recent Relocations

We can manage your large to small, complex to simple relocations.

Here are some examples. We moved:

>9,000 employees within a 9 month period, including building-to-building and floor-to-floor relocations, disconnect/reconnect service, mounting monitors on arms, printer mapping, cable management, and next day support.

>800 people from 5 separate buildings in Minneapolis and St. Paul to a new facility 45 miles away. The move included disconnect/reconnect service, mounting monitors on arms and cable management.

840 people from building to building in two different cities in just 20 days. We provided disconnect/reconnect, mounting monitors on arms and next day support services.

145 people in 2 days, including PC’s, monitors, and phones. Disconnect started at 8 AM on a Thursday, and the move was complete by Friday night.

What Our Customers Think

“The BLM crew was excellent in managing their time & communicating with our onsite technician and me (project coordinator). They were VERY helpful and offered to assist in ways I didn’t expect (such as placing  x-it forms on the desks as they did reconnects!) Excellent service! Could not be more pleased with BLM’s service! Thank you so much!”

~ Renee L.


“I wanted to let you all know that you did a GREAT job. You have beaten every other install company I have worked with out of the water. THANK YOU!”

~Randi H.


We Can Do the Heavy Lifting

If you have a move, relocation, or installation project, reach out to us for help.

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