It’s time to upgrade your passbook printer!

Upgrade to the fully serviceable Olivetti PR2 Plus through BLM Technologies.

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Are you using an unserviceable Craden passbook printer?

Craden passbook printers are no longer being produced. That means that they’re also unable to be serviced. To ensure that your business continues to run smoothly, you need a product you can rely on, and a trusted team of professionals to ensure that product is properly serviced.

The Olivetti PR2 Plus is:

  • 50-75% less purchase price than comparable predecessor legacy models
  • Extremely easy-to-use and lightning-fast
  • Fully serviceable by BLM Technologies
  • Windows 10 compatible

Olivetti PR2 Plus

This printer can handle multiple bank forms and boasts a ribbon life of up to 10 million characters.

The Olivetti PR2 Plus also:

  • Prints on single-sheet and multiple-copy forms and passbooks
  • Manages multiple paper formats, from checks to letter format
  • Emulates legacy printers for a smooth transition
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Don’t settle for the unserviceable Craden passbook printer.

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