Preserve Critical Documents with State-of-the-Art Document Scanners

If your business or back office is buried in years of old paperwork or struggling constantly to find ways to manage important documents, a high-quality document scanner is the perfect solution for solving your challenges. Businesses generate thousands of pages of paperwork each year — and the filing, security and management of these often-sensitive documents can be a huge drain on time and money. Document scanners allow you to securely preserve a digital copy of important paperwork on your computer or in the cloud, making them easy to find, easy to manage, and easy to reproduce.

Industries such as financial, healthcare, government and legal must process and maintain extensive amounts of documentation from thousands of clients and customers, sometimes for years. With a document scanner, this information can be stored without the need for a complex physical filing system that takes up precious space in your business.

From providing a reliable and efficient way to capture paperwork from day-to-day operations, to the finely detailed scanning of highly sensitive information such as driver’s licenses, credit cards, passports and checks, BLM Technologies has the solution to fit your unique document scanning needs, backed by our extended customer support and superior maintenance plans.

Document Scanner

Office Document Scanners

Transfer your most important physical documents into a secure digital database with versatile office document scanners. Digital preservation improves the storage, management and accessibility of your most important paperwork. Each scanner produces high image quality and their compact size creates a small office footprint.

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High-Volume Document Scanner

High-Volume Document Scanners

Tackle production-level scanning without sacrificing quality or speed. High-volume document scanners provide a quick and efficient way to process large volumes of paperwork in fast-paced environments where timing and productivity are key. Perfect for the legal, financial and government sectors, as well as healthcare and other industries that handle large amounts of documentation.

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Gemalto CR5400

ID Verification Scanners

Improve security, reduce identity fraud, and maintain peace of mind with ID verification scanners.

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Multi-Function Bank Teller Printer/Scanners

Multi-Function Bank Teller Printer/Scanners

Like their multi-format capture counterparts, multi-function bank teller printers/scanners capture a variety of documents including checks, IDs, passports, paperwork and credit cards. They also offer printing capabilities, making them a highly popular system for banking processes.

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Panini wI:Deal

Multi-Format Capture Scanners

From A4 paper document scanning and check processing to image capture of plastic credit cards, government IDs and passports, multi-format capture scanners are an easy-to-use, ideal device for preserving important documentation for banks and other financial organizations. Capable of reading OCR, barcodes and MICR, capture scanners provide expansive options for managing a wide range of documents.

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Epson Wireless Scanner ES-500W

Wireless Document Scanners

Canon Networked Scanner DR6030C

Networked Document Scanners

Canon Mobile Scanner P-21511

Mobile Document Scanners

canon DS-70000 Color flatbed scanner

Flatbed Document Scanners

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Document Scanners from the Industry's Best Manufacturers

Select your document scanner from one of the industry’s leading manufacturers, including:

Panini check scanners

Why switch to digital preservation?

Document scanning can transform your office, saving time and reducing physical paperwork.

Save Time

Instead of pulling out drawer after drawer in your filing cabinets and thumbing through countless documents, you and your staff can find important papers with a few simple clicks or keystrokes. Many scanners will allow you to name and save information to specific files in your database as you scan, saving even more time in your processing. Not only that, today’s document scanners are fast - some able to capture high-quality scans of 80 pages per minute or more.

Save Space

Traditional filing methods require bulky cabinets and drawers loaded with thousands of documents. For example, a mortgage lender or an attorney can generate hundreds of pages of paperwork from a single client, paperwork that often must be preserved for years, or even decades. With hundreds of clients over multiple years the required storage space would be enormous. Document scanning eliminates the need for physical storage by securely maintaining paperwork on a physical computer or in the cloud.

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