Check Scanners and Check Joggers

Speed, accuracy, and security are among the most important reasons you rely on a check scanner and check jogger when processing remote deposit or checks at your bank branch.

Hardware that Performs at Your Pace

Hardware is at the heart of technology in your organization, and it’s not a purchase that should be taken lightly. When you partner with a technology expert that takes a vendor-neutral approach and listens to your unique process needs, you will be sure to select the best check scanner and check jogger to meet your most demanding environment, and your budget.

Check scanners allow you to securely and accurately scan and endorse checks remotely. Reduce the risk of fraud, improve response time, save money, and simplify your check processing system. Perfect for commercial, banking, teller image capture, back counter scanning, retail, remittance, treasury, and remote deposit capture.

The time-saving features of check joggers stem from their simplicity. Virtually eliminate jamming and double-feeding by quickly aligning check edges. The device quickly “jogs” the desired stack into place and speeds up the task of hand-jogging, ultimately allowing faster scanning and processing.

Single-feed Check Scanners

Reliably and securely manage your check scanning on the teller line or in your business with these compact check scanners. Easy to set-up and maintain and perfect for many small scanning environments.

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Batch Check Scanners

When batch scanning is your requirement for teller image capture, branch capture, or remote deposit capture, let us help you select the best batch check scanner to meet your needs. In addition to check scanning, batch scanners can be used to process a variety of check-sized documents like postcards, tickets, payment slips, vouchers and gift coupons.

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Multi-feed Check Scanners

Versatile and hard-working, multi-feed check scanners serve your teller window or high-volume remote deposit capture needs. You can find a multi-feed check scanner that is both powerful and affordable. These superior performers can also handle scanning jobs that include ID cards and driver’s licenses, full page documents and more.

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High Volume Check Scanners

Production check processing at its greatest degree of efficiency. High-volume check scanners are reliable, versatile, and performance workhorses. For any organization that requires large volume check scanning to process payments, perform back counter bank check scanning, or to manage treasury transactions, these scanners are built to meet your toughest challenges.

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Check Joggers

Quiet and compact, check joggers align stacks of checks to ensure fast and jam-free check processing. Select from a variety of sizes and multiple capabilities.

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Why Check Scanners and Joggers?

Access your funds faster and reduce processing costs.

What is Remote Deposit Capture?

Remote deposit capture (RDC) is the process by which end users, like those at a retail store, use a check scanner to capture images of the checks they will deposit to their financial institution. Upon receipt of a check image, the bank posts the deposit to the customer's account and makes the funds available based upon their policy. RDC is a fast growing trend in banking technology, offering customers deposit convenience and quicker access to funds.

Banks frequently issue check scanners direct to their customers or through a fulfillment partner. BLM Technologies supports both options, servicing banks directly and providing outsourced fulfillment services on their behalf.

What is Teller Image Capture?

Teller image capture occurs when each teller at the financial institution has a check scanner at their teller window. As the customer makes a deposit, the teller scans the deposit immediately to the back office or data center of the financial institution.

Financial institutions may also use bank counter check scanning, where the checks are scanned all in one location.

Select the following leading brands

We carry the largest selection of check scanners from the industry’s top manufacturers, including:

Burroughs check scanners
CTS check scanners
Digital Check
Epson document scanners
FMC Technologies
Panini check scanners
Shear Tech

Protect Your Investment

Ensure that your check scanners will work when you do by protecting your investment with a maintenance plan designed to limit downtime. As the nation’s most comprehensive and largest third-party repair organization, we can help you select from a variety of repair services.

Our equipment partners.

Full Hardware Lifecycle Support

Repair & Maintenance

Protect your purchase and ensure your equipment is always working to serve your customers with the industry’s best service and maintenance plan. Ask us about Service & Maintenance Plans

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Offload the hassle of equipping your facilities with the check scanners/joggers they need when you open a new branch or sell an RDC plan to your customer. Ask us about Fulfillment Services

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Equipment Refreshes

Partner with a knowledgeable technology specialist to plan, install, and deploy new check scanners/joggers to multiple locations. Ask us about Technology Refresh Services

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