New! Instant EMV Issuance Mini Kiosk

Improve your business with the new, innovative self-service EMV kiosk by Gemalto

Your customers can now use the new instant EMV kiosk by Gemalto to replace payment cards at your financial institution.

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New Self-Service Instant EMV Issuance Mini Kiosk

Improve your business and increase customer satisfaction with the new self-service Instant EMV Issuance Mini Kiosk manufactured by Gemalto! Now, your financial institution’s customers can instantly self-issue a fully activated, mobile ready, personalized EMV debit or credit card using the new self-service Gemalto Mini Kiosk. Options and features of the kiosk include:

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Instant EMV Issuance

Cards are printed in a matter of minutes on-the-spot directly from Gemalto’s easy-to-use kiosk, offering your customers the speed and convenience of self-service and immediate, anytime card renewal. With instant EMV issuance, your financial institution will receive:

  • Increased activation rates
  • Reduced cost and complexity by eliminating the mailing of replacement cards, including card mailing and separate PIN code mailing
  • Reduced customer friction with a self-service option and 24/7 accessibility
  • Improved customer satisfaction
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PIN pad

PIN Services

Your customers can activate their card immediately with integrated Gemalto digital personal identification number (PIN) Services. As soon as the card issued, they define their PIN and can leave your FI branch with a working credit or debit card already activated and ready to use immediately.

  • Customers can choose their PIN
  • Immediate PIN notification on the customer’s mobile via SMS, app or web
  • Save directly on existing PIN mail‑out postage costs
  • Eliminate inactivated cards
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mobile card activation

Mobile Card Activation

Your customer’s new EMV card can be digitized directly from the kiosk and uploaded via secure tokenization to a range of popular mobile payment platforms, allowing for convenient mobile payments with a simple tap of a mobile device faster than traditional replacement card processes.

  • Issuance of multiple payments from physical cards are made digital (plastic card, digital card, wearable device, token) and for all payment methods (proximity or online)
  • Single easy registration for all payments
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Instant EMV credit card design

Card Customization

This new Instant EMV Issuance kiosk features Gemalto’s AllAboutMe card customization and personalization services for added customer satisfaction. Your customers can select their choice of image to put on their new card.

  • Customers can upload a favorite personal photo from their mobile device
  • Images can also be selected from a pre-defined gallery
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Complete Solutions by BLM Technologies

Trusted by Financial Institutions for 40+ Years

Trusted by our FI customers for more than 40 years, BLM Technologies is an industry leader dedicated to providing cost-effective and turn-key tech solutions. Providing you with complete end-to-end technology support is important to us. That’s why we offer a Total Tech Solution for the Gemalto Mini Kiosk, including technology advice, planning and design, hardware sales, installation and training, maintenance, and repair services.

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How the Instant EMV Kiosk Works

The Gemalto Mini Kiosk is designed for in-branch services. This small, portable kiosk is easy to deploy and maintain and allows your customers to replace lost, stolen, damaged, or expiring credit or debit cards with the following process:


Gemalto EMV kiosk process diagram

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Satisfied Customers. Increased Success.

“We can immediately see the benefit of this new Instant EMV Mini Kiosk for our financial institution customers. Financial institutions are continually looking for new technology to serve their customers better and differentiate their offers in a very competitive environment.”

– John Tauer, vice president of sales for BLM Technologies

“This new kiosk integrates seamlessly with existing banking systems to provide a frictionless experience for the bank’s customers. Adding a self-service kiosk allows the financial institution to meet customer expectations for more innovative and digitally sophisticated in-branch services.”

– Jim Pond, Gemalto’s vice president of Instant Issuance

The Gemalto Mini Kiosk is now available. Contact us today!

The Gemalto Mini Instant EMV Issuance kiosk is now available from BLM Technologies. Contact us today to learn more about this innovative new technology in Instant EMV Issuance. Connect with us via chat, email, form, or contact an Account Manager at 888-287-4186.

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