Keep your business devices up and running.

Save 20% on repair services!

Don’t wait until that printer is broken to seek repair services. It will cost you more time and money.

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Why planning ahead for repairs saves you time and money

Keeping your business-critical small devices up and running is serious business — and getting them repaired quickly and cost-effectively can be a serious challenge.

By partnering with one of the nation’s leading repair providers, you will have fast, reliable, cost-effective repairs when you need them most – the moment your printer, scanner, or other technology device breaks.

All with just one phone call.



Save up to 20% on a Depot Repair program. In other words, when you put four devices on contract, you’ll get a fifth FREE.

And the best part?

We’ll even manage all the paperwork for you if your devices are still under warranty, because warranty management is a pain.

So rather than relying on an “after it’s broken, how will we get this working again” plan, lean on the experts in small device repair.


We repair a variety of makes and models.


It’s time to find out how much you could save.

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We repair a variety of scanners, printers, and small devices from industry-leading brands! Some of these devices include:
Epson Impact Printer
Epson Mobile Printer
Epson Multifunction Printer
Epson Receipt Printer
Epson Thermal Printer
Epson Validation Printer
HP Laser Printer
Cognitive TPG Printer
Addmaster Printer
Craden Printer
Pertech Printer
Ithaca Impact Printer
Ithaca Receipt Printer
Ithaca Thermal Printer
Lexmark Laser Printer
Panini Printer
Panini EMV Card Printer
Olivetti Printer
ARCA (CTS) Check Scanner
Digital Check (Burroughs) Check Scanner
Canon Check Scanner
Canon Document Scanner
Epson Check Scanner
Epson Document Scanner
Panini Check Scanner
RDM Check Scanner
Topaz Signature Pad
Ingenico Payment Terminal
& many models of monitors, computers, laptops & more!