Kevin Flaherty


Kevin Flaherty leads BLM Technologies by instilling the critical importance of building strong customer and partner relationships. In his view, every interaction along the value chain of delivering solutions presents an opportunity to earn respect and become an irreplaceable strategic asset to the customer. As such, Kevin has cultivated a culture of complete customer excellence; empowering service delivery professionals with the ability to provide the right solutions and experience the long-term value of becoming a trusted technology partner. For Kevin, the company’s ability to continually achieve aggressive revenue growth and profitability goals starts with an intimate knowledge of the customer, their environment, and needs.

At BLM Technologies, Kevin has developed a platform for not only ensuring ongoing customer value, but also for organic and new revenue growth. Drawing upon his background as a technology executive, and rich history in leading high performance sales and operations organizations at companies including Cbeyond, EarthLink, Nokia and Best Buy, Kevin is ideally positioned to lead the next generation of growth at BLM Technologies. Both a strategic and visionary leader, Kevin is focused on long-term sustainable growth through strong partner engagements and deliberate expansion into markets with growing automated payment transaction, audio/visual and digital display needs.

As the world becomes increasingly digital and consumers rely more on the convenience – and security – of online and mobile transactions, the need for single vendor solutions providers like BLM Technologies becomes increasingly critical to markets beyond banking and finance. Under Kevin’s watch, BLM Technologies will continue to bring new and increasingly advanced and full-service solutions to its clients – and will become a new trusted partner to companies in retail, ecommerce, government and other industries who will benefit from the company’s end-to-end payment and financial transaction, digital signage, and audio/visual technologies.

Patrick Hickey

SVP of Operations and Service Delivery

In a service-driven organization like BLM Technologies, Patrick Hickey offers more than 20 years of experience in leadership that strikes the right balance: Patrick’s focus is as much on delighting clients with exceptional results as it is on ensuring impressive margins. Always working on continuously improving his organization, Patrick has been recognized with successive promotions for this long history of providing value-added capabilities to BLM Technologies.

Patrick possesses that rare combination of deep technical prowess, business acumen, and understanding of how both attributes lead to highly valued, long-term client relationships. He has leveraged these skills to develop and execute labor optimization strategies, process alignment programs, continuous improvement initiatives, and more. Through his collaborative, team-driven leadership style, Patrick has developed a highly regarded professional services organization; both in the eyes of BLM Technologies and most importantly, its clients.

Patrick is highly respected across BLM Technologies for his deep understanding of the data models and analytics required to make sound decisions – and for implementing programs that effectively advance professional services revenues up and to the right. As such, Patrick’s rich history in building the company’s presence within the banking and financial markets will be instrumental as BLM Technologies looks to expand into new markets. As always, both Patrick and his team stand ready to deliver.

Tracy Hoben


Tracy Hoben has provided careful watch over the BLM Technologies accounting, finance and human resource teams for more than 25 years, having been successively promoted based on her outstanding achievements and valuable leadership. During her tenure, she has become a highly regarded and inspirational leader throughout the organization and a true ambassador of the company’s culture, grounded in building strong relationships. In her role, she brilliantly balances the daily operational expenses of multiple lines of business, with financing the company’s growth strategies and managing the payment and receivable transactions through the company’s vast network of strategic partners.

Tracy also provides oversight to the human resources team, ensuring the company’s cultural values are instilled throughout the organization and into its hiring practices. She also manages the company’s benefit programs which included initiating the BLM Technologies employee stock ownership plan (ESOP).

Pragmatic and analytical, yet creative and visionary, Tracy’s experience and company history gives her rare insight into opportunities that will yield the greatest return on investment for the company. Having developed the financial models and processes that have driven year-over-year growth for the company in the banking and finance industries, Tracy is set to apply her finely honed, best practices approach to additional industries as the company expands into new vertical markets.

Debbie Schwake

VP of Marketing

A background in marketing technology and professional IT services coupled with a passion for driving organizations to new levels of growth, makes Debbie Schwake the ideal executive to lead the marketing organization at BLM Technologies.

Debbie is a masterful leader adept at engaging all levels of the organization into representing brand values and doing what is right by the customer. For Debbie, effective marketing programs start with a deep understanding of the customer’s journey – the ability to appreciate the issues and challenges driving the individual behavior patterns of buyers and customers. With this knowledge as the foundation, Debbie is able to develop poignant, targeted messaging and marketing programs that convey a genuine desire to be valuable to the customer, while effectively representing the brand promise of BLM Technologies.

Debbie and her team pair this thoughtful, strategic approach with modern marketing execution. Both a creative and critical thinker, Debbie has embraced not only the digitization and socialization of marketing, but the technologies that enable such. The result is successful lead scoring and nurturing programs and profitable demand generation activities to continually fuel the sales organization.

As BLM Technologies moves beyond the banking and financial markets, Debbie will draw upon previous experience gained in building and expanding brands while at Cirrus Aircraft and KeyedIn Solutions. With her critical focus on customer value, she will expertly guide the BLM Technologies brand into industries where consultative support is coupled with the company’s brand promise of technology-forward and reliable end-to-end payment and financial transaction, digital signage, and audio/visual solutions.

Debbie was recently named one of SLMA’s “40 Most Inspiring Leaders of 2017.”

John Tauer

VP of Sales

No one understands the value of customer engagement and the benefits of long-term customer relationships better than John Tauer. For John, the sales process doesn’t end with a client contract. In his view, the cycle of providing customer value never ends. These values have not only served him well in his career, but perfectly emulate the relationship-focused culture of BLM Technologies.

A natural coach and a savvy competitor, John has recruited and developed a winning team of sales professionals at BLM Technologies. John and his team drive results through a consultative sales approach; believing every customer is unique with different requirements. They work to understand the technologies that will work best for each customer, and draw upon the vast relationships the company has cultivated with both hardware and software providers to propose the ideal solution for each customer’s environment. John’s ability to structure complex, yet customer-focused engagements has earned him respect among his peers, the company’s partner network, and most importantly, among the customers of BLM Technologies.

John’s background includes a history of achieving aggressive sales goals for technology and professional services organizations including CommScope and Applied Business Systems. After joining BLM Technologies, he was quickly promoted to Vice President of Sales based on a track record of consistently achieving revenue goals and building a strong reputation for delivering with integrity on the company’s brand promise of technology-forward and reliable end-to-end payment and financial transaction, digital signage, and audio/visual solutions.

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