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The Art of First Impressions: Why Digital Signage Is Critical

October 9, 2017
Jeff Johnson, Digital Signage Advisor

Picture your perfect customer base. They have the disposable income to purchase your product, an obvious interest in your industry, and the potential for long-term brand commitment. You want to serve this audience and believe that if you do, they’ll deeply understand and attach to your business’ value.

What’s the best way to make initial contact with this customer base and demonstrate your business’ credibility and expertise? The answer is digital signage.

Digital signage gives you dynamic real estate to demonstrate your credibility through branding and customizable messaging. Easy-to-install and manage, modern signage solutions allow you to publish content that informs, entertains, and resonates with your customers. Here’s how it works.

What Digital Signage Communicates to Prospective Customers

Digital signage doesn’t just offer you a place to put new content about your business. It’s a tool that effectively teaches your audience about your products and services. It gives your business the opportunity to reach visual learners with photos, video clips, and graphics, as well as a way to reach linguistic learners with written content and audio recordings.

As long as the content you implement is relevant, informative, and entertaining, it will grab your audience’s attention and demonstrate your business’ industry knowledge and expertise. Therefore, when customers enter your workplace, they immediately recognize that you’re a thought leader in your field. This can be a great first step in building the trust you will ultimately have with your ideal customer.

Learn how Cole’s Salon implemented digital signage in their locations to convey their brand promise of a high-end salon experience for their customers and guests.

Because digital signage simultaneously educates and entertains, it can dramatically improve customer engagement, which, in time, boosts revenue. Digital signage also reduces the amount your business will spend on marketing collateral and other paper-based communications because it cuts down on printing, paper, and distribution costs.

You only get one opportunity to make a memorable first impression. Why not make it your most credible effort?