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The Future of IT Outsourcing

April 23, 2019

Information Technology (IT) has grown to become a large business sector that encompasses all facets of computing hardware, software, data, and the sending and retrieving of digital communications. As technology has grown and expanded, the need for experts in these fields has risen in tandem and, as a result, there has been a significant shift toward IT outsourcing.

By inviting a third-party IT company to assume responsibility for a business’s services in this way, the business as a whole becomes better equipped to serve its customers as IT outsourcing helps it overcome common IT challenges, including:

  • The need for highly skilled, certified IT experts is rising.
  • IT is a growing enterprise cost.
  • Scalability and cybersecurity continue to be obstacles for businesses.

Why IT Outsourcing?

This trend of IT outsourcing will continue to be one of the major decisions businesses will face when it comes to staffing and contract decisions for the coming year. So why are more and more companies choosing to outsource their IT services instead of taking them in-house? Our white paper, The Future of IT Outsourcing, explains the three main reasons a company will choose to outsource all or a portion of its IT needs:

  • It is a financially beneficial decision.
  • The organization’s size cannot support its growing IT needs.
  • The organization delegates IT to focus internally on other key performance indicators.

Scalable Benefits

By outsourcing an area outside of the core competency (like IT services), a company frees up valuable resources to focus bandwidth on growth and development opportunities. This white paper describes the scalable benefits of IT outsourcing and how it allows companies to focus on their core competencies by taking advantage of flexible IT services including:

  • On-site repair
  • Small device repair
  • Office relocation planning and service
  • Hardware installation
  • Outsourced IT staffing and services

The trend of replacing in-house IT with IT outsourcing will continue well into the future, especially as IT services evolve and cloud-based IT solutions replace other means of data storage and security. To learn more about what the future of IT outsourcing looks like for your company, download the complete white paper.

Download The Future of IT Outsourcing White Paper