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Seven Technology Mistakes And How Your Business Can Avoid Them

October 9, 2018

Businesses of all sizes need reliable technical support. It isn’t just large corporations anymore that require IT solutions. Technology is the framework that businesses are built and scaled around.

Unfortunately, many businesses are guilty of making common IT mistakes. If technology isn’t properly managed, a company’s needs and priorities may not be met.

The good news is that there are effective ways of avoiding tech mistakes before they cost time and money. Understanding what not to do and what help is available to you is an excellent step towards utilizing business technology that is functional and efficient. Don’t let these tech mistakes keep your business from being successful.

Mistake 1: Thinking every tech issue can be handled internally.

35.43% of businesses reported in a survey that they rely on internal knowledge when it comes to tech support, but these same businesses admit that they don’t have dedicated support.

Technology management is a 24-hour, every-day responsibility. Businesses who don’t have on-call IT support will not be prepared when networks go down, software gets compromised or hardware breaks.

In the world of IT, smart businesses prepare for the worst and plan for the best.

Mistake 2: Assuming outside IT support is too expensive.

When determining the price of IT support, accounting departments should factor in both the cost of qualified service providers as well as the costs of failing to properly set-up, service and maintain a company’s technology.

The valuable data, communications and project management systems that every business uses are dependent upon the proper support to keep working. Tech support is almost always more cost- and time-efficient when it is part of an ongoing service plan.

In truth, IT support companies offer a variety of service options to fit the size and budget of any business.

Mistake 3: Not taking cyber security seriously.

An independent study by the Ponemon Institute this year found that the global average cost of a data breach is up 6.4 percent over the previous year–a rise to a total of $3.86 million.

There is not a person using technology today who is not at risk of having their data stolen. While many businesses are concerned about their technology being at risk, few companies have adequate security measures in place to guard against a cyber attack.

Even more concerning is the fact that businesses who fail to take the proper precautions, often put innocent clients and customers in harm’s way as well.

Mistake 4: Failing to perform routine back-ups and maintenance.

Backing up vital data is a complex issue that should be handled with consistency and care. A routine backup policy follows a strict schedule and has predictable procedures in place that shouldn’t be tampered with.

Additionally, regular software maintenance should be performed on operating systems to ensure they remain working properly, and when systems need to be upgraded, such as from Windows 7 to Windows 10, they should be done prior to issues arising.

IT specialists know software platforms, hosting solutions, and storage capabilities inside and out. They can create manageable schedules and plans for backing up data and updating software at times that don’t interfere with standard business operations.

Mistake 5: Trusting employees who aren’t trained in tech.

As many businesses grow, employees are often asked to assume new roles in which they may need to level up in skills to fulfill. However, areas involving information technology should not be entrusted to a novice worker with just a few minutes of tutorial videos as the extent of their technology training.

IT work requires focused effort by a team of highly-trained professionals to keep computers and information systems operational.

One common IT support service offered to businesses today is proper training for employees on company devices, networks, and systems.

If a business won’t trust unlicensed contractors to build their offices, they shouldn’t allow untrained workers to provide technology infrastructure.

Mistake 6: Neglecting to upgrade servers and hosting services before something goes wrong.

More companies rely on digital technology to run every aspect of their business operations. For this reason, server configuration and management is a critical concern that should not be taken lightly.

If server performance isn’t reliable, businesses will be crippled by costly downtime and the constant threat of attack. Whether your business relies on an in-house server or a cloud-based solution, having qualified technicians in place to manage this key component is necessary to avoid technology failures.

Mistake 7: Not treating technology as an investment.

When technology works for a business, it improves almost every aspect of company performance from employee morale to customer service.

Businesses that employ smart technology solutions have discovered that good tech can create better systems that lead to more sales and higher profits.

The latest technology can come at a premium, but with knowledgeable consultants advising on purchasing, a business can acquire the technology that will pay them back by enabling better data collection and improved performance.

The technology sphere affects too much for any company to leave IT understaffed. Tech mistakes are easiest to avoid when you have the benefit of knowing where and when potential pitfalls might occur. Outsourcing support to an experienced tech management company is one way of ensuring that technology systems run safely and smoothly.

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