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Getting to your IT Projects

June 4, 2018

IT managers and directors have a challenging balancing act to achieve. More than other departments, they have too much on their plates. IT leaders are tasked with completing everyday tasks from the Help Desk – fixing broken devices, repairing server outages, restoring back-ups for team members who accidentally deleted an important document and other miscellaneous tasks that are everyone’s priority. And as if that didn’t take a whole day for the entire team, senior management also wants to know the progress of the larger projects – lifecycle replacement plans, new equipment installations, software upgrades, and let’s not forget, the Accounting department is moving next week.

While you may have a large team, it’s also possible that they may not have the training or skills to complete projects. In this case, you can add staff training and certification to your already long list or work to get done.

Compare your project list to the size and skill set of your current team. Which is larger?

Let’s start with a definition. That is, what exactly is IT Support?

IT Support is any technology-related tasks, performed by an internal IT team or an outside agency or contractor. It can include staffing, Help Desk, network security, server management, and other technology functions.

One of the most important considerations for an IT leader is to find the balance between the right number of team members to get necessary work done, without adding downtime or unproductive bench time. This is where most IT leaders consider outsourcing either everyday tasks or to add team members when projects outpace your staff’s availability.

There are pros and cons associated with permanent staff versus outsourced staff, and your experience probably plays upon your opinion. But with the right questions, you might find a lot of success using outsourced team members for the right tasks.

All these considerations can be found in the whitepaper “Navigating the IT Support Minefield.”

Navigating the IT support minefield   Download the White Paper "Navigating the IT Support Minefield"

Download it here, and don’t hesitate to ask our experts if you have any specific questions.