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Our mission is to utilize our 40-plus years of information technology experience to free your time and provide you with a cost-effective, single-source solution that meets your company’s critical needs and helps you achieve your business goals. Learn more about who we are and what we do.

FlexForce for on-site repairs


When your equipment goes down or you need project help, FlexForce gets the job done. Access specialized on-site repair, maintenance, and IT services technicians on-demand, anywhere in the US. And we’ll handle the project management for you.

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Our Story

BLM Technologies began in 1974 with a focus on providing banks and financial institutions. Over time, the business began to innovate – working constantly to expand its offerings to customized, scalable IT hardware, software, support and solutions.

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As a market leader for 40+ years, BLM Technologies is a proven single-source provider of information technology products and services. Led by a strong, seasoned leadership team, BLM Technologies continues to expand and innovate with the changing marketplace.

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Case Studies

View our latest case studies to learn how businesses have benefited from working with BLM Technologies. Our customer success stories are just a small sample of the types of companies partnering with BLM Technologies to improve their business operations.

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Join us on our blog, Tech Talk, for articles on practical tools and technologies that help your business grow. You will find many valuable ideas here across a broad spectrum of trending Information,  technology topics and related issues.

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Our mission is to provide business technology solutions and unmatched support to our valued clients. View the latest news from BLM Technologies.



After about four decades in business, we can confidently and unequivocally state that the reason we are still here – and the reason we have thrived – is an always evolving emphasis on the professionals that we are fortunate to call our work teammates. Join our team!

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Providing cost-efficient technology solutions and support is important to us. View our current deals and promotions for our hardware sales, services, and more!

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Whether you need hardware, IT support, project help, or quick repair and maintenance services… let’s talk solutions. Connect with us via form, call, email, or chat to talk to one of our technology specialists.



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