Digital Signage Solution for a Major California Bank

Discover how digital signage solutions improved business for a major bank (550+ branches) in California.

The beginnings of BLM Technologies’ longstanding relationship with a major California bank date back to the early 2000s. For years, BLM provided break fix work for a bank in Omaha, Nebraska. In 2005, the bank in Nebraska was purchased by a major bank in California, but the relationship with BLM was maintained. At this time, BLM began providing a larger suite of services to the company, including work moves, adds, changes, and more.

As the partnership grew, BLM began performing depot repair on the company’s check scanners and TPG teller printers, eventually being awarded the break fix on-site contract for MICR laser printers and HP laser printers. During a routine on-site visit, BLM provided a digital signage brochure that detailed the company’s expertise with these types of solutions.

As it turned out, this bank was transitioning support of their existing digital signage system at that time, but had not yet made a clear decision on which system they wished to implement. Due to their long-time relationship with BLM Technologies, they elected to work with the full solution offering from BLM.

Learn how our digital signage solutions improved business for a major bank in California.