Bioscan Temperature Kiosk

The BIOS01 temperature kiosk helps keep the workplace safe with temperature monitoring to detect and prevent access to facilities by potentially infected employees and customers.

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Improve Safety with the Bioscan BIOS01 Body Temperature Scanning Kiosk

Typically used in building entryways, the BIOS01 kiosk scans visitors and staff for elevated body temperature. If the body temperature is high, the device notifies the user and sends an alert to management staff via email or to the remote management application. Temperature alerts from the device are sent in real-time to the remote management application where they are displayed on the monitoring console for security staff to take appropriate action.

The remote management application, hosted on a PC on the network, allows security staff to manage multiple devices from a central location. Using the management software, security staff can monitor alerts and view reports.

bioscan kiosk measuring skin temp

Measuring Skin Temperature

bioscan kiosk below alarm temp

Below Alarm Temperature

bioscan kiosk above alarm temp

No Mask Detected (Optional Feature)

Temperature Screening Kiosk

Where the Bioscan Temperature Kiosk Can Be Used

  • Financial institutions
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Schools and universities
  • Restaurants and retail stores
  • Offices and lobby areas
  • Hospitals, clinics, assisted living facilities
  • Hotels
  • Virtually anywhere safety and security is a priority!
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Bioscan Temperature Kiosk Features


Accurate Scanning

The thermal sensor provides fast, accurate body temperature scans (±0.54°F at 1-3 feet).

Screens multiple

Multiple Device Management

You can manage all your devices remotely using an online application.

Email alerts

Email Alerts

Your selected team members can receive an email alert when the device detects an elevated temperature.

BIOS01 Temperature Kiosk Specifications


The device has an 8″ high-resolution, non-touch screen that displays visual alerts to the user.

Temperature Measurement

The unit has an accurate high-precision infrared thermal sensor (German Heimann thermopile sensor) that can detect body temperature at an accuracy of +- 0.3C/0.54F at a range of 1-3 feet.


The system alerts the user when it detects elevated body temperature. Alerts can be sent to a central monitoring system where security agents can immediate identify who has high temperature and accordingly take action. Alerts can also be emailed to security staff or managers.

Remote Management Software

The unit can be managed over the LAN remotely by the Remote Management Server (RMS) installed on a PC. The RMS has powerful capabilities including managing multiple devices, temperature settings, and reporting. Temperature alerts from the devices are sent to the RMS application in real-time which can be acted upon by security staff. The RMS is ideal for large businesses and enterprises who wish to monitor and manage multiple devices spread out across various facilities.

Bioscan Temperature Sensor Packages

All packages include: Temperature sensor, tablet, mounting hardware, yearly software subscription, setup, installation, and shipping. Applicable taxes not included.

temperature kiosk wall mount

Wall Mount


bioscan desktop stand

Desktop Stand


bioscan floor stand



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These devices meet the FDA definition of a medical device. These devices have not been approved by the FDA. Their use in diagnosing an illness is not supported. These devices are intended to be used as pre-screening devices. If an elevated temperature is alerted the person’s temperature should be confirmed using an FDA approved thermometer.

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