Working Together to Provide Exceptional Value to Your Members

Combine BLM’s 30+ years of experience and expertise with complementary partner relationships, and together we define clear strategic goals, implement new hardware and services, and continually offer you the most reliable and cutting–edge technology solutions that you extend to your members.

Our alliances enable us to extend value-added solutions to your members and help you to:

  • Sustain your competitive advantage through enhanced product and service offerings,
  • Reduce total cost of ownership,
  • Create operational efficiencies,
  • Achieve maximum ROI,
  • Extend market and geographic reach, and
  • Meet or exceed your member’s needs!

Our Alliance Partners
BLM Technologies has strong, established relationships with leading companies and their members, including:

Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA)
BLM Technologies and the ICBA are together committed to offering an extensive hardware portfolio and service solutions to the community banking industry. Additionally, we continuously work collaboratively, identifying products and services that will further enhance the success of financial institutions throughout the US.

Church Community Builders
BLM Technologies partners with Church Community Builders to deliver a joint church management solution designed to support the church organization and staff, and the essential ministry work they do every day.

Find out how you can become a BLM Technologies Alliance Partner by calling us: 888-287-4186