Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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Customer Testimonials


"Just wanted to let you know that Matt was a huge help to me over the last two days. He was willing to conduct WIN7 migration for me yesterday afternoon, despite the fact that it wasn’t previously scheduled, and, after attempting two reimages that failed he discovered my EliteBook would need to be replaced. He worked overtime to set me up with a new machine and I’m now back online, using WIN7 and able to work. His willingness to help me out last-minute, along with his willingness to go above and beyond, is greatly appreciated."

- April S.

"I am writing you today to call out John's work as exemplary. He's quite the worker; fast, professional, knowledgeable and complete. Detail oriented and eu/WF focused. Follows the migration script perfectly and his troubleshooting skills on the inevitable problems fantastic. Paperwork and after reporting refreshingly spot-on. He's also cognizant of security - RECALL bin'd his confidential docs and leaves nothing behind on desks. I couldn't be more impressed and wanted to write you directly."

- Michael D.


"I just want to give BLM a BIG THANK YOU for making this install happen last week.  Unfortunately, the monitor order/delivery through off the original installation date.  I know you are so busy right now.  So, again thank you for working with us to get these installed for the new hires. Very much appreciate your partnership & communication with me & the on-site contact!"

- Julie S.

"I wanted to say thank you for a job (very) well done. Bill and the staff BLM provided were professional, competent and did a great job. Although BLM has not performed work for any of the projects I have managed previously I can assure you when an opportunity arises I will most definitely include BLM as part of the project team."

- Tom R.

"I received EXCELLENT service from Greg Knoll.  He was wonderful to work with and saved me so much lost down time.  I just wanted to pass this on to you."

- Beth I.


"Ok. I want to let you know I worked all afternoon yesterday with David at two locations for the Buffalo schools.  He was spectacular (as usual).  He is so patient. We were able to get one of the problems resolved and the other we both think is a problem between Fiserv software and possibly Java. It was a long afternoon and I could not have done it without his support and expertise. I am so glad we have partnered with BLM"

- Diane F.

"Evy, very impressive. Tech just called me. Thank you. BLM wins the vendor of choice award from me, that’s for sure."

- Dave C.


"ProfitStars partnered with BLM due to their excellent reputation in the marketplace for hardware fulfillment services. They are very responsive to our needs around financial institution hardware support, fulfillment, warranty work and other needs. Their website makes ordering simple and deliveries easy to track. The BLM associates provide the fast follow up we need to succeed in this competitive hardware environment."

- Samantha D.